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Rahiv, the Transcarpathia region Ukraine

The Rahiv district is located in the SE of the Transcarpatia region in the Ukraine. The overall surface is 1,900 km2, with a population of 90,000. The Rahiv district is 15% of the Transcarpatia region, being one of its greatest. The Rahiv district comprises the Ukraine's greatest peaks: Hoverla - 2,061 m; Brebenescul - 2,035 m; Pop Ivan - 2,022 m; Petros - 2,020 m; Hutyn Tomnatyc - 2,017 m; Rebra - 2,007 m.

Some 30 nations and ethnic communities live here, 70% - Ukrainians (the Hutulis), 10% - Romanians, 9% Hungarians. The density of population is 47.7 inhabitants/km2. The Rahiv district is located within the Carpaţii Păduroşi (The Forested Carpathians). The Prevododilni Gorgane mountain massif lies in the north, the Svedoveţ and Ciornohora massifs lie in the center, and the southern part is dominated by the Rahivului mountains.

The town of Rahiv is the district's administrative center, 430 m higher than the sea level, in a mountainous valley in the heart of the Forested Carpathians. The place takes a strategic position at the Romanian-Ukrainian frontier, at the crossroads between the roads from Halecena and Bucovina towards Hungary, Romania, the Czech Republic and other Central European states. It is connected by road and rail with the afore mentioned states and the towns in Western Ukraine: Lviv - 280 km, Cernăuţi – 230 km, Ivano-Frankivsk –145 km and Ujgorod – 209 km. Near the town of Rahiv, on the national route which relates the town to Ujgorod, on the Tisza river bank, lies the geodetic landmark that marks the Geographic Center of Europe, since 1887. Currently, the town of Rahiv is one of the best known recreational and tourist attraction in the Ukraine, with a highly developed ecologic industry.

The district of Rahiv enjoys all the favorable conditions for winter tourism, especially winter sports (ski). The best known locations for tourism are the Blyznytzia mountain and the Drahobrat ski resort. Given its natural benefits, the Drahobrat massif could become the host of the future Winter Olympics. There are only two sanatoriums similar to the one in Kvasy in the entire world, given the mineral waters which consist of minerals with arsenic in their composition. The natural and climatic conditions have not altered the warm-hearted people’s diligence and natural kindness.

The beauties of the Carpathian Mountains – meadows, forests, clear springs – are mirrored in the sculptures, cloths, and other popular craftsmanship, folk musicians and dance artists. Traditional Hutuli foods are especially popular among tourists – delicious cheese varieties, soft cheese, or balmoş (sheep milk polenta with cheese) among others. Once a guest in the Rahiv district, the heart yearns to come back.


The Ukraine

Ukraine lies in Eastern Europe, in the southwestern part of Europe's Eastern Plain. The country's main ranges of mountains are some of the Carpathians and the Crimean Mountains.

The territory of the Ukraine is 603,700 km², namely 5.7% of the territory of Europe, and 0.44 % of the ground surface of Planet Earth.

It is larger than great countries in Europe, such as France (544,000 km²), Spain (505,000 km²), Sweden (450,000 km²), Poland (312,700 km²).

The span from the north to the south is 893 km, and from west to the east it is 1,316 km.

The neighboring countries are Russia in the north-east, Belarus in the North, Poland, Slovakia and Hungary in the west, Romania and the Republic of Moldova to the south-west, the Black Sea and the Azov Sea to the south.

Ukraine has land and sea boundaries totaling 7,590 km.


Capital: Kiev

Official language: Ucranian

Political system: parliamentary republic

Area: total 603,700 km² (44th place) - Water (%) 7

Currency Ukrainian hryvnia (UAH)

Population: 2007 - 46,481,000 inhabitants (27th place) - Density 77 inh./km² (115)

Country code: +38

National day: 27th of August


Ukraine's Natural and climatic features

The landscape is mainly flat, 95% plains and 5% - mountains. There are three types of plains - covered in coniferous and deciduous forests, plains with forests with steppe and mere steppe.

Ukraine's natural resources are rich and various, including coal, oil and gas, stone, salt and others.

Ukraine's main coal base is Donbas, with an estimated reserve of 109 billion tons. Dnepr's coal base contains approximately 6 billion tons of lignite.

Iron ore are especially found in Kryvorizkyi (18.7 billion tons), Kremenciukyi (4.5 billion tons), Bilozerskyi (2.5 billion tons) and Kercenskyi (1.8 billion tons). The world's greatest manganese reserves are located in the Nikopolskyi base. In addition, important nickel, chrome, titanium, mercury (second place in the world), and multi-metal ores are also important.

The non-metal deposits in Ukraine are some of the greatest in Europe and in the world.

Natural sulfur and silt deposits are among the greatest in the world, while graphite deposits are the greatest on the European continent. Ukraine has a long ancient tradition in exploiting salt and potassium. Ukraine's natural resources have created the premises for the forging, chemical, porcelain and tile industries, as well as the constructions industry.

Ukraine also prides in its mineral waters, mostly found in Myrgorod, Svaliava, Truskaveţi and Feodosia. The silt deposits in the towns of Ievpatoria and Saky have major healing powers.

One of the foremost riches of Ukraine is the soil, 2/3 of which is chernozem; according to specialists, Ukraine has over one quarter of the world's chernozem.

Ukraine has a rich network of rivers great and small, over 73,000 of them, plus approximately 20,000 lakes. The greatest rivers are Dniepr, Danube, Dniester, South Bug and Siverskodoneţk.

Dniepr is Ukraine's largest river, the third in Europe in terms of length and drainage basin.

Ukraine's flora includes approximately 30,000 species of plants.

Ukraine's fauna: the various conditions throughout Ukraine enable a rich diversity of animals. Ukraine has approximately 44,800 species of animals.

Territorial-administrative organization

Ukraine's territorial-administrative organization consists of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and 24 regions: Vinnytzka, Volynska, Dnipropetrovska, Donetzika, Jytomyrska, Zakarpatska, Zaporizka, Ivano-Frankivska, Kyivska, Kirovogradska, Luganska, Lvivska, Mykolaivska, Odeska, Poltavska, Rivnenska, Sumska, Ternopilska, Harkivska, Hersonska, Hmelnytzka, Cerkaska, Cernivetzka, Cernihivska. In total, Ukraine has 490 departments, 446 towns, 907 communes and 10,196 villages.


In early 2001, Ukraine had a population of 49.5 million, being the 5th greatest country in Europe (after the Russian federation, Italy, Great Britain, France) and the 21st in the world. Ukraine's population represents 7.3% of Europe's population, and 1% of the globe's.

Most live in towns (68%). Villages are home to just 32% of Ukraine's population.

Ukraine's average density of population is 85 people/ km².

The male age average is 61.6 years, the female - 72.8 years.

The sex structure has remained constant - 46% males, 54% females.

The Ukrainians' share in the overall population is 73%. According to the census in 1989, Ukraine has 37,420,000 Ukrainians and 4,830,000 are Ukrainian in origin.

A great number of Ukrainians live overseas: in Russia - 10,938 million, in the USA - 2,230 million, Kazakhstan - 1,386 million, Byelorussia - 1,311 million, Canada - 1,071 million, Poland - 0,850 million, as well as in other countries.

Over 14 million people of different nationalities live in Ukraine, namely 27 % of the country's population. Russians are the greatest ethnic minority, 11.4 million, or 21% of the population.









The Transcarpathia region (Ukrainian Закарпаття, Zakarpatiia) is located at the border between the Carpathians and the middle Danube, in the heart of Europe. Transcarpathia stretches from north to south for over 135 kilometers, and from east to west for over 205 kilometers.

1. UKRAINIANS - 78.4% or 976,476 people, most of the Transcarpathian territory. The Transcarpathian Ukrainians are divided into four distinct ethnic groups: